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Core aeration is beneficial to a healthy lawn. This is the process in which cores of soil are
mechanically pulled from the lawn. The cores are approximately 2 5/8 inches long with a
half inch diameter. These holes provide compaction relief as well as increasing the ideal
mix of air and water in the soil profile. We at Nutra-Green believe that lawns should be
aerated every two years as a general guideline, with heavy clay soils being aerified  
every year.

If your lawn hasn't been aerated recently please call the Nutra-Green office in your area
for a specialist to come out and evaluate your lawns compaction needs. They can offer
insight into potential problems and even give you a free estimate while they're there.

Fire ant control is another special service offered by  Nutra-Green.  We use the industry
recognized best chemical for the removal and prevention of re-infestation of these
annoying pest. Our fire ant program comes with a seasonal guarantee of control. One
application is all it usually takes to garner ninety nine percent control, the highest in the
industry. If you're tired of fighting each individual mound in your lawn, give us a call and
we can take care of them for you, leaving you to do more enjoyable things.